The Mountain

2nd session/Ring of Destiny
Ring amulet artifact

With the acqusition of the first artifact item (the amulet) the concordance increases to the point that the Ring is now alive to the possibility that it may obtain its goal of recovering its domain in Thunderholme. The spirit of the Cleric whose essence is bound up in this item now communicates with Bearn on an empathetic level. Bearn senses his desires and urges and intentions although he will find that they are all pretty much tied to getting back to the mountain and ruling from Thunderholme, so he won’t find it of much use in guidance for day-to-day concerns. It will be clear when it is in the prescence of any items associated with its concordance.

Dwarven Ring of Destiny

Looks like an ordinary silver ring.

Thunefir knows this: Wielder should be dwarf, the higher level the better, it helps others in party, it gains power when used with specific items. It will let bearer know when these items appear. Items also act differently in bearers possession depending on concordance.

Daily Power – wielder and allies within 20 squares may expend a healing surge as a free action.

This increases with more items and levels. Items operate as per PHB description except bonuses change with concordance.

When he gets to his library he learns more specifics.


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